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This site was created by group of people wanted to share conversations, photos, layouts and swaps with each other in a way that was easy and known to us.  So at the heart of this site, is our forum.  As Artist Michelle Ward says "Everyone is welcome to come play - it's all about sharing and widening our circle of friends. We all like to be validated, especially when we go out on a limb and share stuff we make in order to encourage others to make cool stuff too."

We participate in a lot of papercrafting activities with our supplies, and use items from many companies. That is why we allow you to post anything you make, regardless of where you purchased it. We do ask that you use judgement if your post contains nudity and/or profanity. It's all in the eye of the beholder, but if it crosses the line be aware it may get pulled without notification. If it happens a lot, this is probably not the place for you.

Because we don't sell anything, we have many product lines represented here. Introducing ourselves in another company's sponsored forum would be rude. So we ask that you don't make any large global announcements. We do encourage you to bring a friend along for the ride, so feel free to 'invite' anyone you like, and add us as a stop on your daily internet journey. We are an 'open' public group so please, as new people join, help us encourage them in their creative explorations. It's all about the discovery, the process, the validation and the enjoyment.

Take some time to look around, and when you are comfortable, feel free to join in. I hope you have some fun, learn something new and have a creative day!

*Please note that all written information and art in this group is copyrighted by its originator/creator. Printing of written material for personal use is permitted. Printing/copying of art or any type of dissemination of the written material is strictly prohibited unless express written permission is given by the originator/creator.